Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wednesday: South Dakota

Our first night in a motel spent in Chamberlain, South Dakota on the banks of the Missouri River. First stop, the Derby Coffee Shop in town, where in addition to excellent lattes and frappes, we picked up some 1919 Root Beer on tap and an Amish linament that has expanded our ability to drive Johno (my truck)  comfortably.We stopped at a rest area just 26miles west of Chamberlain to forage the boys on prairie grass. The usual tether craziness ensued but they are brilliant animals and are already adapting to our road life. Even though this also includes Rodin maintaining a singular obstinacy about getting back in the truck, even when the other four have dutifully jumped in on their own. Deirdre and I have had to physically man-handle him in, horns first, of course. No doubt he's thinking he should be riding up front in the cab with us...all according to caprine hierarchy!

After the morning foraging shenanigans, we decided to take the day off from blogging and have some fun. Next stop, THE BADLANDS and the Oglala Lakota Reservation.

Check out the gift we received at the end of our visit....this was the Bellwethers favorite part of our side trip!

Then, time and driving caught up with us again, after a lovely dinner at an Irish pub in Rapid City, SD, Deirdre did a miraculous late night drive into Montana that included traversing Custer Forest, a couple Cheyenne a section of road construction in the middle of nowhere with 2way traffic in about 1 1/2 width of lane. Very dark, remote and more than a little creepy! But she pulled us through! And the Big Sky did not disappoint. We watched the half moon set and pulled over to absorb the Milky Way..the stars going right down to the horizon.


  1. What kind of wild goats are they on the side of the road?

  2. Hey, when are you guys going to answer the questions we pose on this blog? and we want more photos!
    Sasha, Michelle and KIP