Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hidden Treasure in Suburban Sprawl

We arrived in Madison, WI on Monday evening and were greeted by friendly faces and a beautiful woodland oasis amidst large housing developments that seemed to take up most of the neighborhood. The goats were eager to explore and were not disappointed by what they found to munch on, including plenty of buckthorn, honeysuckle, and other delicious goodies. As the goats chowed down and I struggled to weave in and out of tangled leashes and horns, Yvonne conducted an educational program on the bellwethers and sustainable weed control, the invasive species they are known to eat, on the care and housing of small goat herds, and the use and process of mohair fiber. We were very grateful that Karen, who owns the property, invited us and our fibrous boys to stay the night. Thanks Karen!

Photo cred: Karen 

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