Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bellwethers' Breakfast in Ohio

We were very lucky to find possibly the most goat-friendly rest stop, located just east of Toledo, to spend our first night on the road. In the morning we found a nice little patch of green for the goats to have their breakfast (see video: https://plus.google.com/app/basic/105448462321416541637/posts?cbp=1d40ranxs3j1f&sview=25) before hitting the road for the day. As the goats grazed, a man on a lawnmower drove by on the other side of the fence. "Can you have them mow that side for me?" He yelled, jokingly. If only he knew the legitimacy of that request!

A few minutes later, a turnpike plaza employee came by to offer us some fresh water for the animals, which we happily accepted. It's those small kindnesses that make travelling a bit more manageable. Thanks Ohio!

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  1. Everyone looks healthy and happy. You all are amazing! Can't wait to hear about Madison.