Saturday, August 17, 2013

Thursday: Montana

Woke up to a new day at the Dude Rancher in Billings, Montana. The Dude abides! Goat foraging at a rest area just outside the city, mindful of the sign that read "rattlesnakes have been observed in this area"...I guess Minerva is staying in the truck for this one!

Check out our MacGyver-esque goat herding contraption:
Product placement: Kandinsky prefers a sweetened passion iced tea, Rodin likes a quad latte, Goodwin takes a hot chocolate, Wyeth gets a soy chai latte,  and a double espresso for Caravaggio
We got back on the road headed for the continental divide and decided that Montana was our favorite state to drive through. Such beautiful landscapes the whole way through the mountains

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  1. How many more hours/days to get to Oregon? Will you be close enough when living there to make some trips back to Montana?
    It looks like you are having a blast with the goats. They are much better sports than I would have expected. They deserve lots of special treats. What's their favorite thing to eat? Give them lots of it when you get to the farm!
    Michelle and KIP